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Crew Information:                                                       Crew Staff:
Crew Members: 1                                                           Owner: Darth Ryuujin
Hitlist: 1                                                                        Co-Owner:
Battle karma: 0
Gc. Earned: 203979
Wins: 0
Losses: 0

Allowed In:                                                                  Crew Finances:
Sith: YES                                                                       Gc.: 9,000,000
Jedi: YES                                                                       Platinum: 663
Neu: YES                                                                       Gold: 500
 BH:  YES                                                                       Silver: 500
                                                                                    Tokens: 663
Crew Information
Welcome to Jabba's Palace due to his death the sith Lord Darth Ryuujin took over his palace as his own HQ we have beer and women I mean hottest women of all Party like its 1969 Come join in the fun and have a beer with us.

In order to donate to the crew, be sure to donate the crew funds to the clan on vaperida, then post how much you donated of what in the updates forums.  Then, once it has been looked over, the crew financials will be upgraded.

In order to request people to be on the crew hitlist, please use the shout box at the bottom of the Hitlist page.  Also, please be sure that you update us on your clan information in your stats on your Your Stats page on vap in the updates forums.

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